Top 10 Netflix series

top 10 netflix series

10: Lucifer [8.1/10 IMDb]

Top 10 Netflix series

The obedient servant in Hell, Lucifer Morningstar, thinks he’s had enough and wants to spend some time on Earth to learn more about people. He establishes himself in the City of Angels, Los Angeles.
Bored with his miserable existence in hell, Lucifer Morningstar relocates to Los Angeles. He uses his knowledge and telepathic skills to draw out people’s innermost wants and ideas, alleviating humanity’s suffering in the process. When he and a Detective are involved in a firefight when they are meeting in his nightclub Lux, the Detective becomes an LAPD consultant who works to hold offenders accountable for their actions via the use of law and justice.(Top 10 Netflix series)

Based on: Characters created for DC Vertigo; by: Neil Gaiman; Sam Kieth; Mike Dringenberg

Genre: Mystery; Occult detective fictionUrban fantasy; Police procedural; Comedy drama;

Opening theme: “Being Evil Has a Price”

Original network: Fox (seasons 1–3); Netflix (seasons 4–6)

Original release: January 25, 2016 – September 10, 2021

Production companies: Jerry Bruckheimer Television; DC Entertainment; Warner Bros. Television

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Is Lucifer a good show to watch?

It’s astonishing how well crime, romance, and fantasy blend together. Each character has their own distinct personality, which gives the show life. (Top 10 Netflix series)Despite having numerous episodes and seasons, it never becomes monotonous.One of the best television shows I’ve ever seen.

9: Narcos [8.8/10 IMDb] Best Netflix Series

A television show called “Narcos” follows the infamous Colombian drug organisations’ rise and demise. Pablo Escobar, a powerful drug lord, and the efforts of law enforcement, mainly the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), to bring him to justice are the main subjects of the episode. The show explores the effects of the drug trade on Colombian culture, the difficulties faced by law enforcement officials, and the frequently bloody clashes between cartels, rival gangs, and the military. It provides a compelling and vivid depiction of the drug war, illuminating the complexities of the fight against drug trafficking and its wider repercussions. It does this by fusing historical facts with fictionalised storytelling.

First episode date: 28 August 2015

Budget: $25 million (first season) est

Created by: Chris Brancato; Carlo Bernard; Doug Miro

Genre: Crime drama; Biographical

Opening theme: Tuyo

(Top 10 Netflix series)Is Narcos series a true story?

The names of the characters and the events depicted in Narcos and Narcos: Mexico are designed to mirror the actual events they are based on, and both shows follow significant historical events like the assassination of Pablo Escobar.

Why is Narcos so famous?

Narcos Mexico’s appeal can be simply explained by the fact that it is a well-made show with a sizable production budget, excellent performances, and a strong visual sensibility. Additionally, the fact that movie provides a background on the inter-cartel violence that attracts American audiences doesn’t harm.(Top 10 Netflix series)

8: Sacred Games [8.5/10 IMDb][Top 10 Netflix series]

Based on the same-titled novel by Vikram Chandra, “Sacred Games” is an Indian web series. Sartaj Singh, a disturbed Mumbai police officer, and Ganesh Gaitonde, an infamous criminal lord, are the show’s two primary protagonists, and their interwoven tales are explored throughout. Two timelines are used to tell the story: the present-day inquiry Sartaj is conducting into a vague threat made by Gaitonde, and flashbacks that show Gaitonde’s ascent to prominence in the criminal underground. As Sartaj investigates the case further, he discovers a complicated web of dishonesty, political corruption, and religious strife. The series offers a dark and frightening representation of Mumbai’s criminal underworld while examining topics of crime, power, religion, and societal issues.

Directors: Anurag Kashyap (Seasons 1-2), Vikramaditya Motwane (Season 1), Neeraj Ghaywan (Season 2)

Writers: Vikram Chandra, Vasant Nath, Smita Singh

First episode date: 6 July 2018 (India)

Number of episodes: 16

Number of seasons: 2

Based on: Sacred Games; by Vikram Chandra

Why Sacred Games is so popular?

Finally available on Netflix is Sacred Games, based on the book by Vikram Chandra. The play is a tale of friendship and betrayal, redemption and bloodshed that is set against the backdrop of Mumbai (then, Bombay), and it boasts a fantastic star cast, excellent directors, and a riveting script.

7: The Walking Dead [8.1/10 IMDb][Top 10 Netflix series]

A group of survivors are followed in the post-apocalyptic horror television series “The Walking Dead” in a world overrun with zombies known as “walkers.” Rick Grimes, a former deputy sheriff who recovers from a coma to see the world he once knew in ruins, is the main character of the novel.

As he looks for his family, he teams up with other survivors to face the difficulties of the new environment, including as the constant threat of walkers and the perils presented by other survivors’ groups. The show examines issues including leadership, morality, and how severe situations affect relationships between people. As the protagonists adjust to the harsh reality of this new and cruel world, “The Walking Dead” dives into their battles with both internal issues and external threats over the course of its many seasons.(Top 10 Netflix series)

Spin-offs: The Walking Dead: Dead City, Fear the Walking Dead, MORE

First episode date: 31 October 2010 (USA)

Based on: The Walking Dead; by: Robert Kirkman; Tony Moore; Charlie Adlard

Genre: Horror; Serial drama; Zombie apocalypse

Original network: AMC

Producers: Jolly Dale; Caleb Womble; Paul Gadd; Heather Bellson

Why is The Walking Dead show so popular?

Everyone can relate to someone from The Walking Dead in some way. But more crucially, the way these individuals gravitate towards, care for, and mourn for one another gives us a genuine sense that they are a family, and we — as viewers — frequently feel like part of it.

6: The Witcher [8/10 IMDb][Best Netflix Series]

Fantasy programme “The Witcher” is based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s book series. A witcher known as Geralt of Rivia is followed in a world with magic, legendary creatures, and political intrigue that is modelled after mediaeval times. Geralt is a talented monster killer for hire thanks to his heightened talents from the mutations he endured as a youngster. The series also introduces Yennefer, a formidable witch, and Ciri, a young princess with a connection to Geralt’s destiny.

In order to explore Geralt’s experiences, Yennefer’s battles for identity and power, and Ciri’s journey as she seeks safety from a war-torn realm, the show interweaves many timeframes and narratives. The show explores issues like destiny, morality, and the hazy distinction between good and evil. (Top 10 Netflix series)”The Witcher” explores the rich culture and mythology of its magical realm as well as the struggles that its heroes must overcome in a world where magic, politics, and danger are constants.

First episode date: 20 December 2019

Adapted from: The Witcher

Original network: Netflix(Top 10 Netflix series)

Producer: Beau DeMayo

Production companies: Little Schmidt Productions; Hivemind; Platige Image;

Production locations: Hungary (season 1); United Kingdom (seasons 2–3)

Is The Witcher worth watching?

Short answer: Yes. The Witcher is an adult fantasy show that has a lot of the grit and complicated themes that made Game of Thrones so popular.

5: Vikings [8.5/10 IMDb]

The historical drama “Vikings” series features Ragnar Lothbrok, a mythical Norse hero, and his offspring. The show, which is set in the Viking Age, shows the daring and frequently brutal lives of Scandinavian warriors, explorers, and kings. Ragnar, a legendary Norse chieftain famed for his daring raids and desire to explore new territories, is introduced in the novel as a farmer at the beginning. (Top 10 Netflix series)As the tale goes on, it follows Ragnar’s family and the next generations as they carry on gaining power, fighting, and negotiating intricate alliances.

As the Vikings come into contact with different civilizations during their raids and explorations, the story examines themes of loyalty, honour, power struggles, and the collision of cultures. The programme presents a blend of real-life incidents, mythical stories, and fictional narratives to paint a vivid picture of Viking society, traditions, and mythology. Over the course of its run, “Vikings” has explored the political and emotional struggles that its protagonists have experienced, illustrating the dynamic development of Norse culture and its influence on the larger mediaeval world.

Spin-off: Vikings: Valhalla

Composer: Trevor Morris

Genre: Historical drama; Action; War

Original network: History (s. 1–6A); Amazon Prime Video (s. 6B)

Original release: March 3, 2013 –; December 30, 2020

Producers: Steve Wakefield; Keith Thompson; Sanne WohlenbergLiz Gill

Is Vikings is a true story?

Hey, people, this is historical fiction. This means that while some plotlines and characters have been changed to create a fantastic programme, a large portion of it is based on reality, down to the smallest aspects of the costumes, sets, and weapons. Since the Vikings had no recorded language, much of their existence is open to interpretation.(Top 10 Netflix series)

4: Squid Game [8/10 IMDb](Top 10 Netflix series)

The South Korean drama “Squid Game” centres on impoverished people who take part in a dangerous game in an effort to win a huge cash reward. Financially precarious participants are tricked into playing a series of innocent children’s games with fatal results. The violent and life-threatening nature of the games creates a tight struggle for survival.

As the characters must make immoral choices in order to survive, the series explores themes of desperation, inequity, and the evil side of human nature. The documentary “Squid Game” examines the psychological impact of the games on the players and shines light on society problems including exploitation and economic inequality. The show enthrals fans with its gripping narrative, fierce rivalry, and provocative commentary on human behaviour in challenging situations.(Top 10 Netflix series)

First episode date: 17 September 2021

Program creator: Hwang Dong-hyuk

Genre: Survival; Thriller; Horror; Drama; Action

Hangul: 오징어 게임

Original language: Korean

Original network: Netflix

What’s the message behind Squid Game?(Top 10 Netflix series)

The central theme of Squid Game is how our lives are reduced to a series of individual transactions in the monolithic capitalist society, trapping us through our own incentives and punishments and preventing us from defending our common interests.

What is so special about Squid Game?

Squid Game was popular among people all over the world due to its original concept and amusing nature.(Top 10 Netflix series) As diverse as its audience, the factors contributing to its appeal on a global scale. Some people enjoy it because it makes them think, while others dislike it because of how savage it is. “It’s really dark.

3: Dark [8.7/10 IMDb](Top 10 Netflix series)

German science fiction thriller series “Dark” centres on a complicated network of time travel, personal secrets, and unexplained events in the sleepy village of Winden. A unexplained disappearance of a young child named Erik sets off a series of events that lead to the discovery of a network of tunnels and a time portal.

Several interwoven families that span several generations are introduced as the story goes on, and they are all bound together by a time-transcending supernatural knot. The programme explores the effects of time travel and how they impact the characters’ relationships, lives, and futures. (Top 10 Netflix series)The story revolves around the concepts of determinism, free will, and the cyclical nature of time.

“Dark” examines the complexities of cause and effect throughout its three seasons while navigating complex timeframes, ultimately unveiling the causes of the time loop and the characters’ interwoven fates. The show enthrals viewers with its complex plotting, tense setting, and philosophical examination of time and human nature.

Languages: GermanGerman Sign Language

Writers: Baran bo Odar, Jantje Friese, Ronny Schalk, Marc O. Seng, Martin Behnke, Daphne Ferraro

Director: Baran bo Odar

Program creators: Baran bo Odar, Jantje Friese

Opening theme: “Goodbye” by Apparat (featuring Soap&Skin)

Original network: Netflix

What is the fact about Dark series?(Top 10 Netflix series)

In the genesis universe, H.G. Tannhaus built a time-traveling apparatus in an effort to save his son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter. However, the development of that tool led to the formation of two distorted parallel universes: Martha’s and Jonas’, which in turn gave rise to the Adam and Eva identities of Jonas and Martha.

2: Stranger Things [8.7/10 IMDb](Top 10 Netflix series)

The science fiction-horror series “Stranger Things” is set in the 1980s in the made-up town of Hawkins, Indiana. Will Byers, a little kid, mysteriously vanishes at the start of the narrative. As his friends and family look for him, they come across a string of strange episodes involving a top-secret government experiment, paranormal phenomena, and a young woman with psychokinetic skills only known as Eleven.

The show centres on a group of young people who become close friends and negotiate the mysterious and perilous occurrences occurring in their community. They come across supernatural beings from the Upside Down, a parallel world connected to government experimentation and the emergence of Eleven’s abilities. The show also follows the adults as they solve the mystery, alongside the kids.

“Stranger Things” combines nostalgic allusions to 1980s pop culture, such as music, video games, and movies, with a paranormal and frightening plot. The show deals with the difficulties of facing the unknown and the supernatural while also exploring themes of friendship, loyalty, and the power of human bonds. It has earned a lot of popularity because of its likeable characters, exciting plot, and nostalgic nod to the 1980s.(Top 10 Netflix series)

First episode date: 15 July 2016 (USA)

Program creators: Matt DufferRoss Duffer

Budget: $270 million (season 4)

Genre: Science fiction; Horror; Mystery; Drama

Original network: Netflix

Production companies: 21 Laps EntertainmentMonkey Massacre ProductionsUpside Down Pictures (season 5);

Is Stranger Things based on real story?

Stranger Things is based on a ‘true’ tale. The Montauk Project, a purported US military programme that featured experiments on children involving mind reading, mind control, and time travel, is where the show got its initial name of Montauk and derived inspiration.

What is the message behind Stranger Things?

Stranger Things’ core themes include love, friendship, and family. Characters are constantly shown defending their friends and family and fortifying their bonds with their loved ones. El begins the entire programme on her own, with nowhere to turn and no one to turn to for assistance.

1: Money Heist [8.2/10 IMDb][Top 10 Netflix series]

The Spanish heist crime drama series “Money Heist” (original title: “La Casa de Papel”) centres on a band of thieves who band together under the direction of a man known only as “The Professor” to carry out a complex scheme to loot the Royal Mint of Spain and the Bank of Spain. (Top 10 Netflix series)The band of thieves, each with a different city name, holds hostages while spending days inside the mint or bank printing billions of euros while negotiating with the police. They wear red jumpsuits and Salvador Dal masks and are dressed in Salvador Dal costumes.

The series blends violent heist action with the criminals’ individual histories to expose their motivations, histories, and nuanced connections. The criminals encounter difficulties, betrayals, and unforeseen events as the theft develops—both inside the structure and during discussions with the police.(Top 10 Netflix series)

The movie “Money Heist” addresses concepts like defiance, justice, love, and the fuzziness of right and wrong. With its complicated plotting, surprising turns, and character-driven narrative, the show enthrals viewers. It has a large international following thanks to its gripping story, distinctive characters, and the morally challenging choices that both the robbers and the authorities must make.

First episode date: 2 May 2017 (Spain)

Language: Spanish

Cinematography: Migue Amoedo

Created by: Álex Pina

Genre: Heist; Crime drama; Thriller

Opening theme: My Life Is Going On” by Cecilia Krull

Is Money Heist true story?

If that were the case, Spain would be in a very difficult situation. Money Heist isn’t based on a true story, as thrilling as it would be to see the genuine Mint of Spain and Bank of Spain looted.

Why Money Heist is so famous?(Top 10 Netflix series)

It was initially broadcast in Spain for two seasons before being picked up by Netflix, where it is still available today. Characters with a vulnerable side and a history of errors are popular with audiences.Another factor contributing to Money Heist’s popularity is the show’s distinctively Spanish identity.