Best Hollywood Horror Movies

best hollywood horror movies

10: 0.0 MHz(Best Hollywood Horror Movies)

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0.0 MHz is a 2019 South Korean supernatural horror film written and directed by Yoo Sun-dong and starring Choi Yoon-young, Shin Joo-hwan, and Jung Eun-ji. The film is based on webcomic of the same name by Jang Jak initially published in 2012. Shudder released the film on 23 April 2020.

Director – Sun-Dong Yoo
Writers – Jak Jang, Sun-Dong Yoo
Stars – Yoon-young Choi, Shin Joo-Hwan, Eun-ji Jung

9: The Pool

(Best Hollywood Horror Movies)

Day, an insecure art director of a commercial production company is left alone to clear up a 6-meter deep deserted pool after the shooting. He falls asleep on an inflatable raft due to an unbearable fatigue.(Best Hollywood Horror Movies)When he wakes up again the water level has sunk so low that he cannot climb out of the pool on his own.

Director – Ping Lumpraploeng
Writer – Ping Lumpraploeng
Stars – Theeradej Wongpuapan, Ratnamon Ratchiratham

8: Dreadout

Six friends want to become popular by recording their adventures to be uploaded to social media accounts. They choose to go to the abandoned apartment and suddenly open a portal to the magical world and infuriate the portal guardian.

Director – Kimo Stamboel
Writer – Kimo Stamboel
Stars – Caitlin Halderman, Jefri Nichol, Marsha Aruan

7: Wewe(Best Hollywood Horror Movies)

A family move to a new, creepy house. While the parents fight a lot, their youngest daughter missing. It said that she was taken by a supernatural being called Wewe Gombel. A family move to a new, creepy house.(Best Hollywood Horror Movies)

Director – Rizal Mantovani
Stars – Agus Kuncoro, Inong Nidya Ayu, Nabilah Ratna Ayu Azalia

6: Veronica

In 1991 Madrid, after holding a séance at school, a teen girl minding her younger siblings at home suspects an evil force has entered their apartment. (Best Hollywood Horror Movies)Watch all you want. Nominated for seven Goya Awards, including Best Film, Best New Actress (Sandra Escacena) and Best Director (Paco Plaza).

Director – Paco Plaza
Writers – Paco Plaza, Fernando Navarro, Coral Cruz
Stars – Sandra Escacena, Bruna González, Claudia Placer

5: Follow me to Hell(Best Hollywood Horror Movies)

The happiness of Lita and her husband Rama do not last long because Lita is often terrorized by creepy female creatures. Rama brings Mr. Adam to clean their house from the ghost disturbance. Mr Adam explaines that this terror does not come from the house but from inside Lita herself. Mr Adam gives a hint that the answer is in Lita’s past, by asking for an explanation from Sari, the mother she left behind. Sari is admitted to a mental hospital.

Director – Azhar Kinoi Lubis
Writer – Fajar Umbara
Stars – Clara Bernadeth, Rendy Kjaernett, Cut Mini Theo

4: The Autopsy of Jane Doe

The Autopsy of Jane Doe is a 2016 supernatural horror film directed by André Øvredal. It stars Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch as father-and-son coroners who experience supernatural phenomena while examining the body of an unidentified woman (played by Olwen Kelly). It is Øvredal’s first English-language film.

Director – André Øvredal
Writers – Ian Goldberg, Richard Naing
Stars – Brian Cox, Emile Hirsch, Ophelia Lovibond

3: Kafir(Best Hollywood Horror Movies)

The film tells the story of the mental struggles of Reghuram, a health inspector. He is worried about all the terrorist attacks and starts the habit of collecting newspaper cuttings that contain any news related to it. This changes him as a pogonophobic.

Director – Vino Nair
Writer – Vino Nair
Stars – Nina Kurup, Veena Nair, Prathap Pothen

2: 122

122: Egyptian horror film based on an old trope: a couple, Nasr and Umnia, are brought to a hospital after a traffic accident but Nasr disappears, he was never in the hospital. (Best Hollywood Horror Movies)Turns out there’s a secret clinic in the basement where organs are removed for transplant but Nasr wakes up.

Director – Yasir Alyasiri
Writer – Salah El Gehiny
Stars – Ahmed Dawood, Ahmad Harhash, Tarek Lotfy

1: Bisikan iblis(Best Hollywood Horror Movies)

Nany’s mother was killed by an unseen force. 8 years later, Nany went to the school her mom used to be in to study. And then, something is disturbing her.

Director – Hanny Saputra
Writers – Laode, Muhammad Farhan, Sucia Ramadhani
Stars – Amanda Manopo, Rebecca Klopper, Zoe Abbas Jackson


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